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mardi 2 juillet 2019

Johans Valters, peintre letton. Johann Walter-Kurau, Latvian painter.

 Le 8 février 2019, la poste lettone  a émis un bloc-feuillet de deux timbres à 0,50€ pour célébrer Johans Valters (1869-1932), un peintre letton souvent plus connu sous le nom de Johann Walter-Kurau. C'est un de ces deux timbres, un portrait du peintre, que l'on trouve sur cette lettre envoyée par Juris. 

Johann Walter-Kurau, also known as Jānis Valters (Latvian) or Johann Walter, (3 February 1869 – 19 December 1932) was a Latvian painter. Walter was born in Jelgava, 45 km (28 mi) south of Riga, and had German citizenship through his Baltic German mother.
At the turn of the 20th century Walter stood out as one of the most important emerging artists in Latvia, but left in 1906 to work in Dresden, where he changed his last name to Walter-Kurau. He lived in Dresden for 10 years before moving to Berlin in 1916 or 1917. More than 120 of his works are in the collection of Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga, including his most famous work from the pre-Germany era, Bathing Boys (1900). He is included in Latvian cultural canon. He died in Berlin in 1932. Thanks Juris for this 0,50€ stamp from a souvenir-sheet of two issued on February 8, 2019.

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