lundi 14 octobre 2013

Nouveautés de France, Juillet-Août 2013. French new issues, July-August 2013.

Voici les 3 nouveautés émises par la Poste française durant l'été 2013 :

 Only three new issues by the French Post in July and August 2013. Here they are :

July 1st, 2013. The Tour de France, the famous bicycle race, souvenir sheet of 6.
August 2, 2013. Gaston Doumergue, twelfth President of France.
August 16, 2013. P-G Latécoère (1883-1943), French pioneer of aeronautics. The Latécoère company still exists in 2013!
To note, on July 14 (the French National Day or Bastille Day) the issue of the new "Marianne" definitive.

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